About Us

About Us

NCA was founded in Australia in 2012 by a group of scientists who saw the need for scientific education and training in the Dental and Medical industries.

We thoroughly laid out our methods and materials used to educate and train staff within these industries by implementing a full understanding of the International Standards for infection control and instrument processing. Inside these standards lay the scientifically tested foundations that all healthcare services can use to implement best practice in infection control.

Providing a platform for healthcare professionals required the right products. Given the lack of quality monitoring tools in the marketplace that is necessary to protect a practice from litigation and sterility assurance, by 2015, NCA commenced manufacturing of these products in house. With a fully equipped laboratory and manufacturing facility, NCA stands out above and beyond when it comes to infection control monitoring.

In 2020 we have launched our operation in a new entity in the United States, bringing first-class quality, knowledge and scientific expertise into the Dental and Medical fields.

By using NCA Scientific Monitoring Technology in your practice, you will have complete assurance that all types of contamination will be detected prior to instruments being used on your patients. This gives you legal assurance as well as bringing your practice into Best Practice and fully compliant with International Standards.

NCA is continuing to innovate our products, enabling our customers to provide the highest level of infection control for their patients and staff.


Standards & Compliance

Understanding the standards for infection control can be a daunting task, particularly because it is very difficult to narrow down what standard is suited to which application. For example, when running the large batch washer systems in the sterilization room or CSSD (Link all CSSD words to the FAQs Question that is defining the CCSD), which standards are applicable? The answer will not lie in just one standard, but several. There will be a requirement for the TYPE of washer/disinfection system or Ultrasonic (typically in dental), then there will be a standard for WHAT type of detergents to use, and WHY these detergents shall be used and HOW they function. Then there is validation. HOW can this process be validated by an external tool or source?

This is why there is so much confusion in the healthcare industries when it comes to infection control. There are simply too many OPINIONS (Subjectivity), rather than scientific supporting evidence (Objectivity). This matters in a court of law if a patient takes action against a dental/medical practice or hospital. Evidence is what matters, NOT opinions.

Therefore, NCA created products that are backed by scientific evidence and we made sure to comply with the toughest local and international standards to protect your patients, staff, and the business or practice.

An example of our most innovative products is the NCA Complete Sterilization Monitoring System which uses the NCA Process Validation Challenge Device combined with our breakthrough Quattro Sterilization indicators which you insert into the autoclave with your instruments in every cycle monitor and validate sterility process. This system is the only sterilization monitoring product in the U.S. market that fully complies with the toughest sterilization standards to give you a scientific backed sterilization assurance that could be used as fool-proof evidence of sterilization in a court of law. It is a lower cost, more effective & reliable, and gives you a more accurate validation and assurance of sterility instantly even for cannulated and hollow instruments for each batch in every single cycle than the currently used periodical spore/biological tests.

Proven Technology:

We are reshaping the future of sterilization monitoring with simple and fully compliant most effective and efficient technology that could be used by dentists, doctors, hospitals, tattoo parlors, food industry etc. Our technologies have been validated and certified by the most prestigious agencies.

Dentists that use our products are the ones that really care about their patients, staff, their practice and reputation.

Break Through Technology:

Cannulated and hollow instruments can’t be verified .
Our technology is the only Monitoring tool that could verify the sterility of cannulated and hollow, complex instrument such as laperscopes, dentist handpiece, keyhole surgery tool, etc

Why NCA?

Innovative Solutions to the Industries Most Serious Problems

What We Have Done


Foundation – First customer serviced in Sydney, Australia


NCA initiates new quality system for training for dental practices, now providing full custom operation manuals and standards for infection control. Customer base reaches over 150.


NCA implements and rolls out new education and training for dental practices and hospitals to comply with the new International Standards for infection control.

Customer base reaches 400.


NCA opens NCA Laboratories, manufacturing and testing detergents and disinfectants for cleaning. New testing facility opens for Biological Spore testing for sterilization. Customer base reaches over 1000.


NCA commence development on the class 2 indicator and ‘VPCD’ Verified Process Challenge Device (PCD) for sterilization monitoring, ensuring validation on every single sterilizing cycle. Customer base reaches 1500.


NCA commence manufacturing of ‘PRIME’ self sealed pouches eliminating sharps breaching through the packs. NCA launch partnership with Major Australian distributor.NCA sign agreement with Hong Kong distributor and takes products internationally. Customer base reaches 2000..


NCA Laboratories fomulate the R4+ disinfectant, using a secret chemical compound that is non-toxic, fast acting and safe to use on vinyl and leather surfaces. NCA formulates ZERO, new suction line cleaner for dental practices that quickly removed biofilm and is non hazardous. Customer base reaches 3000.


NCA formulate 360 detergents for ultrasonic cleaners. Non-toxic, fast acting alkaline solution that effectively deactivates prions.

Products sell into the U.K. and Ireland. Customer Base 4000 plus.


COVID-19 hits. NCA rapidly produces new product lines, including ‘HANDSIES’ hand sanitizer, ‘SHIELD’ carbon filter masks and ‘PURIFY’ Anti-Viral Mouthwash

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