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NCA Deactivate R4+
Disinfectant Wipes

NCA Deactivate R4+
Disinfectant Wipes

Hospital-Grade Sporicidal Disinfectant Premium Wipes

Deactivate R4+

Don’t just wipe it - Deactivate it!




First of its kind, DEACTIVATE R4+ wipes are biodegradable, fast activating, and have NCA’s Advanced Barrier Shield Technology which gives it a long lasting effect. It both cleans AND disinfects – saving you money! Using R4+ innovative proprietary formula and NCA’s bacteria bonding technology to prevent cross infection.

Plainly speaking, most wipes don’t do much. Either they are alcohol or hydrogen peroxide-based and dry too quickly, meaning they work for a few seconds before the surface is re-contaminated. Or the wipes are neutral based which means they may wipe up bacteria, but they don’t actually KILL the bacteria.

Other wipes can only be used when the surface is cleaned first. DEACTIVATE R4+ wipes can be used directly on the contaminated surface, so it will clean + disinfect + preserve in a single step, saving wipes and staff time.

Increased Germicidal Potency and Cross-Infection Prevention: DEACTIVATE R4+ wipes use a special NCA particle technology that acts like a spider web to stick bacteria against the cloth, holding the bacteria in place whilst it deactivates. This increases the effectiveness of killing the germs and reduces the chance of it becoming airborne after disposal or transferring it from one surface to another.

Proprietary Technologies

R4+ Formula?

After 7 years in the making, NCA was able to formulate a groundbreaking proprietary disinfectant QUATS based technology that is non-toxic, alcohol-free, and can be used on most surfaces. The R4+ formula is 8 times more effective/powerful on germs than most hospital grade disinfectants and yet it is completely safe to be used by anyone anywhere (i.e. Homes, restaurants, dental offices, cars, schools, etc). It also has an extraordinary cleaning power that cleans the toughest stains and soils in a medical setting.

To reduce contamination and infections and reduce the times wasted to re-disinfecting surfaces over and over again wasting precious staff times and disinfection material the R4+ formula is equipped with the new Advanced Barrier Shield technology that was developed by NCA that gives it a long lasting effect and keeps the disinfectant working on the surface for up to 4 hours even after it dries off. It also protects surfaces and lengthens its life as the barrier technology creates a shield that prevents corrosion and prevents liquids and germs from seeping through into its pours which protects it from contamination (i.e. fabric, leather seams, etc).

The “R4” stands for the four quats compounds that were used and the “+” stands for the addeditives and added technologies and features.

NCA Microbe Magnet-Adhesion Technology

Uses a special NCA laboratories Particle Technology to bond bacteria to the wipe. Stuck like a spider web and pressed to the wipe enabling the substance sufficient time to deactivate the bacteria. Other wipes allow bacteria to move and can also escape off the wipes surface

NCA Advanced Barrier Shield Technology

  • Protects surface material and provides extended protection from germs:

Alcohol is fast acting but doesn’t last more than a few seconds. You need something that will stay coated onto the surface for several hours. The NCA Advanced Barrier Shield Technology creates a coating shield that preserves disinfectant formula and keeps it effective for up to 4 hours preventing the regrowth of bacteria – R4 wipes do just that, therefore you use LESS wipes! 

  • Asset Protection: It also prolongs the life of surfaces, instruments and equipment because it prevents and reduces corrosion, wear and discoloration.
  • Sealing Pores and Beading Effect: Forms a seal that causes liquids like saliva or blood to bead off surfaces such as fabric, leather, or vinyl without being absorbed through material seams and perforations keeping bacteria outside. This makes it the perfect wipe and disinfectant for beds and seats in the exam room, waiting room, or even for your personal car.
  • Surfaces Compatibility: Extends the range of surfaces and materials that the wipes and disinfectant could be used on beyond any market-leading disinfectants and wipes. Now, you are not limited to using your wipes and disinfectant on just a few types of hard non-porous surfaces. The NCA Deactivate R4+ wipes could also be used on: Rubber, unfinished wood, fabric, leather, vinyl, plastic, etc.
NCA Cleaning Power Technology

Alcohol causes hard to remove soils like blood to stain surfaces and makes it harder to remove. Therefore we made sure to keep our disinfectants and wipes alcohol-free.Then we embedded the NCA cleaning power property in the R4+ formulation, causing it to be more effective in cleaning faster and easier than any other market-leading brand while it disinfects in just one single step. 

NCA tested the wipes and disinfectant to clean the harshest soils which are really tough to get off material when they are dry ( i.e. synthetic monkey blood soil, and tissue-marking-dyes which are used to identify cancer cells in tissue, etc). We let them dry on several types of surface materials, then we used NCA DEACTIVATE R4+ wipes  to clean it and wipe it off and the results were instant with minimal effort and time as seen in the video below.



  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria (TB, . C. difficile ,E-coli, MRSA, VRE, Flu A, Enterococcus faecium, S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, P. vulgaris, etc in 60 seconds)
  • Fast 60 seconds deactivation time
  • Won’t dry before contact disinfection time is achieved
  • Extended Protection: Prevents bacterial regrowth for up to 4 hours (Less wiping)
  • Enhanced cleaning power 
  • Kills SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus that causes (COVID-19)
  • Complies with the toughest standards: ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137, ISO 11.080, EN14885
  • 8x More Effective Formulation
  • Very moist and covers larger surface area with one wipe (Our smallest size wipes covers up to 11 square feet) 
  • Disinfection Assurance:
    Disinfection contact time will be achieved with one wipe.
    The problem with other wipes is that the chemicals will dry off the surface before achieving the contact time required to deactivate pathogens, which means that the surface will not be disinfected from the first time and it will need to be re-wiped several times using a new wipe each time to keep the surface wet to ensure disinfection (usually 2min -10min).
    Using NCA DEACTIVATE R4+ wipes will achieve disinfection from the first time which helps to eliminate infection risks every time.


  • FRAGRANCE & ODOR-FREE: No acetonic aroma, harmful fumes, or synthetic fragrances to irritate staff, patients, customers, or your family members. No more coughing, sneezing, itchy nose or irritated respiratory system
  • NO GLOVES: Does not require gloves or personal protection equipment
  • Doesn’t trigger bacterial resistance systems (Superbugs)
  • Safe on skin


  • Comes in pouches to unclutter counter space and uses less storage space
  • Larger stronger wipes: to cover multiple surfaces
  • Dual Action: both cleans AND disinfects
  • Single Step (Clean + Disinfect + Preserve) 
  • 4 Year Shelf Life (even after opening) 
  • Super Soft & Non Abrasive: Softer wipes that are gentler on surfaces and instruments.
  • Extreme Material Compatibility: Unlike Other Wipes, It Is Safe On Almost All Surfaces, Including Porous, Non-Porous, Flexible, Leather, Vinyl, Etc.
  • Protects Surface Material from Fading, Cracking, and Rusting / Corrosion
  • Doesn’t Cause Discoloration
  • Prevents Infected Blood and Bodily Liquids From Seeping in Between Chairs’ Seams and Pores. 
  • TGA Approved: Tested and approved by the Australian Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration.


    Grade Hospital/Medical Grade
    Standards Ref. ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137, ISO 11.080, EN14885
    Product Use
    • Leather Chairs/Vinyl Chairs/Plastics & Metal Surfaces
    • Reception area
    • All hard surfaces excluding sterilization room
    • Food preparation areas
    • Home & car
    Packaging Cannisters, pouches, buckets
    Wipes per pack 50, 75, 85, 130, 100, 150, 200, 300
    Shelf Life 4 years


    Grade Hospital/Medical Grade
    Standards Ref. ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137, ISO 11.080, EN14885
    Product Use
    • Leather Chairs/Vinyl Chairs/Plastics & Metal Surfaces
    • Reception area
    • All hard surfaces excluding sterilization room
    • Food preparation areas
    • Home & car
    Packaging Cannisters, pouches, buckets
    Wipes per pack 50, 75, 85,130,100,150, 200, 300
    Shelf Life 4 years


    • Most effective way to deactivate surfaces
    • Scientific Studies & Research
      • Alcohol Causes Bacteria To Become Resistant (Superbugs)
      • Quats vs. Alcohol
      • Alcohol Toxicity

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